Empowering  people to attain their goals and wellness, for mind, body & spirit

Dana Cohen  MSc, PhD, QHHT,  BQH

I am a holistic hypnosis, QHHT and meditation practitioner. I run personal and group sessions with clients in person, as well as working online with clients internationally. I bring much technical skill and insight, and yet work in a very spiritual way, combining holistic methods, with scientific perspective. I am qualified, accredited and fully insured for my practice.  In addition to my qualifications, I bring unique experience and personal qualities, together with methods I have created. Please click here for client reviews (these are genuine reviews that also link into Facebook)

A spiritual journey has led me to become a holistic practitioner, and it has been both colourful and inspirational. I have lived in different parts of the world, including London (where I am originally from), Jerusalem, Berlin for a short while, and Scotland, where I am presently located.

My background is in Scientific research, and I hold an a biological science  MSc from Imperial College London, and a PhD from University College London, with expertise in DNA and the human genome. I have a further interest in pschology and the mind – brain connection, having also taken degree courses in neuroscience.  At the same time, I have always been deeply involved with metaphysics. So I bring into my practice the connection between science and spirituality.

I am QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) trained. I have also engaged in much spiritual study and discipline over decades, and have been practicing meditation for more than 15 years.  As part of my personal meditation discipline I obtain much spiritual information and insight, which has also led to the creation of many guided meditations. I have developed my own advanced meditation system which I use to assist people with their wellness, goals and spiritual path.

Being a spiritual seeker, I became interested in religion, and spent many years in dedicated religious practice. During this time, I studied spirituality, and mysticism whilst in Jerusalem. This greatly increased my knowledge-base, and here I also engaged in strong prayer and meditation discipline. During my journey I veered away from religion, and continue to pursue a spiritual path in my own way.